Hi, my name is


I make software

build hardware

and create things

of all kinds

New Work

I'm currently enrolled in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, making all kinds of physical and digital art, tools and projects. Check out my newest work here!


I have experience making interactive programs in Java using Processing, C++ using openFrameworks, HTML and Javascript using multiple libraries, as well as dataflow patching environments like Puredata and Max/MSP.


I have created physical, interactive hardware using Arduino microcontrollers and related technologies for myself and collaboratively with clients.


Take a look at my resume to see a summary of my work, along with a description of my related qualifications in digital content production and professional work environment experience.

I have been working to expand and deepen my knowledge in order to create a diverse skill set that allows me to create fun, intriguing and beautiful interactive experiences.

On this site you'll find some examples of my projects, with discussion of my thought process from start to finish.